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cts China'▓s willingness to achieve win-win cooperation with other countries, Li said.Enrique Posada, director of th▓e Asia Pacific Virtual Research Center at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Colombia, told Xinhua that Xi's speech, underlining an open and integrated economy, connectivity and innovation, has a global vision."Even though the domestic peace process is▓ currently the focus of the Colombian government, academia and the agricultural sector in C▓olombia should discuss the possibility of a free trade agreement with China," Posada said.Claiming himself a strong supporter of g

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lobalization, Victor Modderman, a leading member of Canadian media pool covering the APEC meetings in Lima, showed great interest in Xi's remarks on globalization.Globalization and free trade have been proved to be beneficial to millions of people around the world and they expect the process to continue and extend, ▓said Modderman.While problems are i▓nevitable, there are needs for new ne▓gotiations and invitations to more economies to join in the process, he added.In his speech, Xi used a sweet potato as an example to illustrate China's commitment to contribute to the development a

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nd prosperity in the Asia-Pacific.Diana Gomez, a professor at Natio▓nal University of Colombia, said that using the sweet potat▓o as an example is very impressive.Gomez said Xi's speech shows that "China deepens its opening-up while retaining its own characteristics. Chile, Mexico and Peru set good examples for Latin American countries to learn how to cooperate with China."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatAbout MooncakesAbout MooncakesAbout Mooncakes09-14-2016 17:18 BJTMooncakes are traditionally ▓Chinese pastries general

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